Epoxy Non-Slip Roll On

20-22 RO
  • Accident prevention aidThe economical solution to any slip-proofing problem
  • Unique non-skid formula
  • Permanent and easy to work with
  • Provides an easy to maintain surface

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A Unique Non-Skid formula will stand up to heavy foot and vehicular traffic.

Suggested applications include: Steps, Ramps, Floors, Decks, Exits, Loading Docks, Entrance Ways, Cat Walks. It is safe to apply on: Concrete, Steel, Wood, Metal, Tile, Slate, Terrazzo.

A permanent floor Coating that won't chip, crack, or pop, it can be applied indoors or outdoors, unaffected by weather or temperature change. It is empervious to acids, alkaline, detergent and water. The product maintains a tinsel strength of 10,000 lbs. per sq. inch, allowing it to withstand the heaviest amount of foot or vehicular traffic.

The product comes complete with industrial diamond chips in the blend, and suspension agents keeping the silica carbide aggregate at surface level. This formula provides a permanent low profile grit surface for superior traction, insuring safety and enhancing accident prevention.

The unit is fully marked and clearly directed. Each unit renders approximately 300 sq. ft.