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Siloxame Waterproofing

  • Sealer Binder and Curing membrane all in one
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors

MSDS available upon request

Siloxame Waterproofing incorporates the latest developments in the area of floor coating chemistry. This product performs the functions of a sealer binder and curing membrane all in one.

Unlike other products, the 21-00 sealer can be used indoors or outdoors without discoloration. I t can be applied to brand new or old concrete. The result is a dustless surface that is easy to manitain and will prevent dirt and grease penetration. The sealer resists oil and grease as well as caustics and most improtantly it waterproofs the area.

One application is generally sufficient, however, if desired allow to become tacky and apply a second coat. You can open the area to traffic in 24 hours. This is a product that is comsetic, permant and easy to work with.

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