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Rust Converter-Heavy Duty

Ideal for Guardrails, Beds of saltboxes, Bridges. Halts existing rust. Prevents future corrosion with a durable protective barrier. No need for sandblasting, grinding or scaling.

When used on bridges, this product is lead encapsulating, preventing lead and rust from entering your water system. Rust Converter is a unique formula designed to transform rust, oxidation and corrosion into a hard smooth enamel surface that will never rust again.

The application is easy. Simply remove blistered and loose paint, loose scale and heavy rust build up. Do not remove all the rust, as best results are achieved when all rusted areas are exposed and a thin layer of rust is left on the surface. Rust converter can be applied by spraying or brush and bucket method. when the application is complete you can paint over it with any color that you desire.

Our rust converter makes a great primer.

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