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Polyester Asphalt Patch (Rapid Hardening)

  • Permanent filler and bonding agent
  • Complete and cured inside of 30 minutes

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This patching compound is a permanent filler and bonding agent, which is actually stronger than Asphalt itself.

To work with it is easy, just clean the surface of any grease and remove any loose aggregate. Mix the material together and then simply trowel in on as thick as you need it. It can be feathered edged from a sixteenth of an inch to a half of foot in depth, rectifying hairline cracks, as well as large pitted areas. The whole process is complete and cured inside of 40 minutes, designed to withstand the heaviest of foot and /or vehicular traffic. It will never chip, crack, or pop, an it is unaffected by seasonal or temperature changes making it perfect for outdoor use.

The product is packaged in a unit, fully marked and clearly directed. A unit covers 50 sq. ft. @ 1/8" depth.

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