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Multi-Functional Protective Coating - Light Tints

For use with Light Tints

This protective coating is specially formulated to provide a tough scuff and abrasion resistant coating for interior or exterior use. It can be applied to concrete, wood or metal. This high solids formula provides a durable, wear repellant coating, unaffected by repeated washings and weathering. To work with this product is simple, designed for industrial strength, yet prepared dor in house maintenance. Clean the wxisting surface of dirt, dust and grease. Stir the 21-11 thoroughly, applying with a brush, roller or spray applicator. For best results, do not apply if temperature is below fifty degrees, if surface is hot from direct sun, or if rain is imminent. For new uncoated surfaces, tow coats of the 21-11 are recommended. When cured, you will have a clear protective shield. This product comes fully marked and clearly directed with additional information for optimum performance.

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