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Disinfectant Cleaner To Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The world is going through a global pandemic unlike anything ever seen before. We here at Advantage Chemical Corporation want you to be safe during this health crisis. We also want everyone to be prepared. Which is why we have this disinfectant cleaner that can help combat coronavirus (COVID-19). It is important to keep work areas clean and germ-free. We have to note that this disinfectant cleaner does not stop the spread of coronavirus, but it can help to keep places clean and thus limit the overall spread of the virus. And on top of keeping environments clean from COVID, this disinfectant can also simply help against other germs.

So please, use caution in your daily life. Social distancing is not only about staying 6 feet from others. It is also about simply staying in, unless you need to head to an essential location, like the grocery store. Feeling okay does not mean you are okay. Be smart, stay in, and stay healthy!

Our disinfectant cleaner is ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, institutional buildings, schools, veterinary buildings, restaurants, bars, and commercial kitchens to use. This cleaner also acts as a santizer and fungicide and has organic soil tolerance. It is important to stay clean and healthy and using quality disinfectants will help keep places cleaner. But it must be noted, these cleaners do not outright kill the virus. However, using them as preventative measures helps.

Affordable Disinfectant Cleaner Available!

Advantage Chemical Corporation has years of experience in the industry. We have become a trusted supplier of many different industrial chemicals, including a disinfectant cleaner that more important during this coronavirus outbreak than ever! For more information about our various cleaning supplies and disinfectants, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about our industrial chemicals and disinfectants and how they help limit the spread of coronavirus. The number for our office is 1-800-203-9711. When you call, we can provide you with a free quote and wholesale pricing information. So please, do not hesitate to reach out to our office today!

For even more information regarding coronavirus, please check out the CDC website. There you can read about the symptoms, how to limit it, and much more! We want everyone to be safe during this time. We will get through this together.